CANOPUS DRUMS Neo Vintage Series: 8x12 Rack Tom/14x14 Floor Tom/14x18 Bass Drum (or a 14x16 Bass Drum)/Hammered Bronze 5.5x14 Snare Drum (Vintage Wires). CANOPUS HARDWARE: Vintage Series. AQUARIAN DRUM HEADS: TOMS- Texture Coated Single ply on top and bottom. BASS DRUM- Response 2 Coated on Batter and Resonant. SNARE DRUM-Texture Coated Single ply on top/Classic Clear Snare on bottom (snare side). ZILDJIAN CYMBALS: Usual models consist of the Constantinople Series, Kerope Series, or Vintage Old K's. SALYERS PERCUSSION: 7A Series, Wire Brushes, Nylon Brushes, KG3's, and the 5AK1's. For more info on these fantastic companies, check out the links below: